Going to Neverland


Children loosing their beloved mother

That is the course of cruel life,

Which does not mean that I don't bother

Or any comfort thence derive.


In Casseopaia your secret star I do behold.

When looking up at her and praying

The darkest bottom of my soul unfolds.

Your love is that for which I'm yearning.


My seas of tears reflect your picture,

As you where dancing in your whitest dress.

Hoping and forever hoping that you

With finding Neverland are blessed.


(for Mum, 22. Dezember 2008)




I can smell you -

Instincts taking over

Hormones running wild

Backflip of the stomach


All this is difficult to get used to

And hopefully I never do!


If only I could eat and sleep

Despite of this...


(31. Januar 2009)



 Naked in the moonlight

To see the white moon shining,
So clear, so strong, so cold,
My heart goes into mourning,
It feels the pain of old;
A story, often told.
To see the pale moon shining,
So cold, so strong, so clear,
My white limbs embalming,
All clothes ripped off by fear,
Naked I stand here.
To see the silver orb so high,
He is so clear, so strong,
My poor heart asks: Do I
For man or mother long?
It is an endless, naked song.


(08. April 2009)


Nackt im Mondlicht

Den weißen Mond zu sehen,
So klar, so stark, so kalt,
Muss mein Herz Trauern gehen;
Es fühlt den Schmerz, so alt,
So oft erzählt.
Den fahlen Mond zu sehen,
So kalt, so stark, so klar,
Weiße Glieder zu umwehen.
Angst zieht mich aus; fühlbar
nackt steh ich da.
Der Silbermond am Himmel hoch
Er ist so klar und stark.
Fehlt meine Mutter mir jedoch
oder ein Mann so arg?
Mein armes Herz endlos fragt.


(eigene Übertragung vom 28. Mai 2009)


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